New Official Ball of the National Footvolley Association

Along with the National Footvolley Association, we are pleased and excited to announce the new Official Ball of the NFA. Mikasa’s FT5 has been footvolley’s ball of choice for years, and we now celebrate this sport’s growing popularity in America with a new color-themed FT5 ball. The FT5 design is highly regarded worldwide and recognized for its durable composition and long-lasting quality. The ball withstands heavy use in the sand and is the perfect ball for the sport of footvolley.

The National Footvolley Association has been instrumental in working with regional leagues to put on tournaments in America that showcase this sport’s appeal to a wide range of athletes. Mikasa is very proud to sponsor this up and coming sport, and hope that our partnership with the NFA continues to grow along with the game.

For more information about footvolley, visit the National Footvolley Association website. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram too.

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