Request for safe use of ball products

For each of our ball products, the air pressure suitable for playing is defined as the “recommended internal pressure”.
The “recommended internal pressure” is stated on the product or packaging you purchased.

Excessive air injection that greatly exceeds the “recommended internal pressure” not only does not bring out the performance of the ball product correctly but also significantly accelerates the deterioration and may cause sudden explosion or damage in some cases.

In addition, after use, please remove dirt and moisture from the surface, and store it in a place where there is little temperature change and it is not exposed to wind and rain.

If the ball product is left in a dirty state outdoors, it will deteriorate significantly faster and may cause a sudden explosion or damage in some cases.

We ask our customers to check the “recommended internal pressure” before using ball products, and to play safely, enjoyably, and for a long time with proper air pressure and proper storage method.

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